Monday, March 25, 2013

Boulud Sud gets bravos for some of the best Mediterranean mix in NYC (3-24-13)

Last night 2/3 of our family got together for dinner at BOULUD SUD
( across
from Lincoln Center, where I have been numerous times before both pre-
and post-performance. This time we decided to dine only and really
enjoy the fabulous food and wine.
Speaking of wine we started with a couple of bottles of Domaine de la
Crouze St. Veran 2011 "l'Or des Roches"  which was wonderfully rich
and creamy and terrific with the starters we chose especially the "to
share" plates of Housemade TARAMASALATA of smoked cod row with yummy
dill potato chips to dip and the excellent CRISPY ARTICHOKES Alla
Romana with a zingy dipping aioli and Nipatella.
I know Samuel loves artichokes at home, but for some silly reason he
seemed totally disinterested in the fabulous fried hearts with aioli?
The breads arrived in the form of a country crusty black olive and
focaccia as they poured olive oil into a rosemary, pepper, chili and
herb mix for dipping. Now, Samuel was in heaven. The bread was superb
and much better than the focaccia the night before.
We ordered various appetizers with Will enjoying one of my favorites
the OCTOPUS a la Plancha which is grilled and served in an arugula
salad with Marcona Almonds and Jerez Vinegar. The Moroccan Sweet
POTATO SOUP with orange, ginger and yogurt got the thumbs up from my
niece and Samuel gobbled up his 1/2 portion of Spring RABBIT
CACCIATORE which had the rabbit boned and stewed with tomatoes,
pioppini (mushrooms), tarragon and served over Orichiette pasta. The
only thing he didn't really like were the cooked grape tomatoes.

I decided to order the slightly over $20 portion of Lemon-Saffron
LINGUINI with Seppia, Shaved Bottarga and Dandelion, Our friendly
server, Eduardo, insisted it was the best, but I must disagree. While
it was tasty and good, it was not a standout, especially at such a
high price.

we moved on to a superb red suggested by the sommelier, Ronald: Adega
Alguiera Ribeira Sacra 2007 from Galicia made from 100% Mencia grapes.
The age of the wine was just right and after about 10 minutes it
opened up into a wonderful earthiness that paired with every main
course on the table from the tuna to the SICILIAN DUCK DUO which had a
hone glazed breast with spices atop (most felt there needed to be more
spice) and Crispy Duck Confit Raviolis all in a Marsala jus with
orange and pine nuts.

I ended up splitting the Duck with Will and then we also split the
NIMAN RANCH BEEF DUO with Parnsip Puree, Black Trumpet Mushrooms and
Sauce Bordelaise. The duo comprised of a rich marinated beef rib and a
divine rare and succulent reibeye filet.
Samuel tasted the latter and begged for his own (after eating two
bites of mine), so we ordered another filet only which he proceeded to
gobble up as well.
We all seemed to be having a great time and enjoying the food, save my
sister who thought everything was weird and too spicy; the duck was
actually too mild according to Will and my niece....I guess that's why
people like different things.

I told ROnald I was ordering the cheese and that the Cheese Menu had
various wines by the glass to pair with each cheese, but no prices! He
said these wines were gone anyway and suggested a Chateau PRADEUX
Bandol 2007 that was a huge red wine virtually undrinkable on its own,
but quite good with the cheeses:
Tomme de Savoie was the least exciting and was better with the tasty
honeycomb and marinated dried fruit mostarda.
Cremont from Vermont was indeed creamy and worthy of its name.
Verrano was an intense sheep from the Pyrenees that I liked alot, but
the winner was the
Middlebury Blue from Vermont I assume by the name that I could have
had seconds on.
Desserts around the table ranged from POMME CROUSTILLANT which is a
stuffed baked green apple with a sugar cap, Apple Cider Foam and
filled normally with Ginger Gelato. My niece switched hers to a superb
Medjool Date Gelato and Will opted for the Dolce (sweet cream) gelato.
The staff brought out two more extra desserts of an amazing GRAPEFRUIT
stuffed with Halvah Fluff (consistency of cotton candy) and
marshmallow. I wanted more, but know I can't eat grapefruit, so it was
passed around and enjoyed by all. The Mediterrean pastry plate was
less exciting with excellent Pistachio Baklava, Hazelnut Nougatine and
Chocolate Pan Forte (think harder than biscotti). Unless these are
your cup of tea, avoid them - and of you like them, I think the need a
cup of tea...or coffee.
We had a great time and I look forward to heading back to Boulud Sud
when near Lincoln Center.