Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The DINING ROOM does it all so well at MIRBEAU INN, seek it out in Skaneateles, NY (8-13-12)

We sat down in the almost empty DINING ROOM at the intimate MIRBEAU
INN (www.mirbeau.com) and it was a slow start, but Nasya (a Hebrew
name for "miracle of G-d") said she would help us with our server
Ben. The team worked well and we challenged Ben to find Samuel a new
drink and he came up with Passion fruit Lemonade Soda; who wouldn't
love that? Nasya offered us cucumber water (Sam wanted plain) and
brought us some decent parker house style round rolls.
Samuel decided immediately on the Cotelette de PORC au Lait which was
an 8 ounce boneless pork ribeye in a whole milk reduction with
shallots, carrots, guanciale and a NY apple brunoise with leeks. On
the side he insisted for Bistro FRIES with Herbs & Garlic.

We ordered a bottle of RAVINES 2009 Pinot Noir of course from the
FINGER LAKES as this was the reason for our trip. It was a gem and
knew the wines to come would be special, as was our second red, a
STANDING STONE "Pinnacle" 2007 Meritage of Cabernet, Merlot and
Cabernet Franc.
We loved the elegant DINING ROOM with crisp linens and good crystal;
sheer drapes separated the seating areas and painted walls of trees
gave a classic feel. It was a bit cold and with the doors shut, I kept
saying "cut the air,open the doors and save the money and ecology."

I started with what was called CHOUCROUTE which was not quite that
Alsatian dish. It was a COFFEE JERKY and a TERIYAKI JERKY (too much
jerky on one plate) along with superb SMOKED DUCK BREAST. Three
dipping sauces were Teriyaki Glaze, Paprika Oil and Bordelaise Sauce
that were fun and varied. Pickled Radish & Aspargus were a brilliant

Will chose the DUCK CONFIT SPRING ROLLS with Hudson Valley Duck, Napa
Cabbage, Housemade Duck Sauce and Hot Mustard with a bit of Fried Duck
He continued with the FILET de BOEUF from Birdsall Farm that is
marinated in cold pressed EVOO with herbs, telicherry peppercorns and
truffle oil and sea salt. He chose two sauces and use the POIVRE for
the most part as opposed to the BORDELAISE.
I had the 10 ounce BLACK & BLUE Kansas City VEAL STRIP with cracked
pepper & se salt and crumbled blue cheese.On top were crispy yummy
buttermilk onion "frittes" (they don't spell well)..
Dessert was a 3-way split of LE CARNIVAL: Frozen Raspberry Yoghurt
"balloons" which came in a cup as opposed to the menu's tuile cookie
(they ran out), with divine lemon stuffed macaroons, raspberry Coulis,
and spun sugar "cotton candy" which was a glop that was not needed.

We loved 95% of the meal and only the dessert had some dud points, so
we would love to return here to eat again for sure......but we are now
moving deeper into the FINGER LAKES Region and its wine and foods!