Monday, August 13, 2012

BLUE MINGO even better than before (8-12-12)

Our second visit to the BLUE MINGO in Cooperstown was even better as the weather was perfect and the lake calm as we enjoyed
CAPE INDABA SAUVIGNON BLANC 2011 with huge hints of melon and stone fruits; no grassiness here.
Starters were Vegetable SPRING ROLLS, DUCK CONFIT Salad with mixed greens in White Balsamic and Sam loved his POTSTICKERS
in Ginger Soy Broth which were gone before I could ask for a taste.
My MUSSELS with CHORIZO didn't have any pieces of chorizo, but the spiciness was just right,
The mains varied (we had guests) from super GROUPER crusted with Macadamia & Panko, SHRIMP Grilled with Mango, Apricot & BBQ sauce over rice,
Samuel's Flatbread Caprese, and the two perfect dishes that Will & I split:
PENANG CURY with Chicken, Red Curry, Coconut Milk & Mixed Vegetables & RIce
THAI STIR FRY with SHRIMP, Vegetables and Mushrooms.
The chef here is Thai so these dishes were made with love from the heart, they come with chicken, pork or shrimp and can be "mixed and matched"
It was great. I had the same cheese plate again for dessert and the others tried the STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING which was good, but needed a bit more gooeyness.
YUM YUM--on to the Finger Lakes.