Monday, April 23, 2012

ESTADIO's tapas are a treat (4-14-12)

After taking in a show with Samuel last weekend we headed down the street to ESTADIO ( 1520 14th St, NW, where we had tried to get in before, but could not get past the crowds overflowing out the door. It seems that If you go before 630pm or so you CAN reserve at ESTADIO and we did so at 530pm as it was after a 3pm matinee. It worked out perfectly as the place was empty when we arrived. We had a table by the street window with huge leather chairs and the big wooden tables give a "Spanish" feel. Some of the tables towards the rear are high with bar stools, so if you have issues with that--PLAN AHEAD. Also, please note that the single sex restrooms are clean and nice, but be sure to lock the door behind you (the guy before me did NOT)! Will started with the Cherry, Tequila, Shishito Pepper, Lime Slushee and I tried the White Tequila, Apple, Rosemary Sangria. These were both refreshing but come in small glasses and carry larger price tags then their value. Our server Charlie explained the menu and we ordered away. Samuel was to enjoy the HANGAR STEAK which comes with PATATAS a la Riojana and a Valdeon Sauce(Blue cheese-Sam would not eat the two pieces of steak that touched the sauce!) and he wanted just plain fries, so we ordered the side of PATATAS BRAVAS for him which are superd fried Fingerlings with a very spicy tomato aioli--so he asked for another plate which came PLAIN...boy, he is getting touchy these days. The steak was medium rare and superb...he did gobble that up. We decided to try two glasses of white before ordering a bottle of red and the small tumbler glasses say 4.5 ounce pours, but seem smaller. A GODELLO 2010 from Avanthia in Valdeorras was refreshing while the VIURA 2002 (yes that old) Lopez de Heredita from Gravonia in Rioja was full of flavor for its age. We ordered a bottle of La RIOJA ALTA 2001 Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial,but they were out of that and offered a superb SENORIO de P. PECINA 2001 RESERVA from Rioja that had some spice--perfect for all our dishes: SCALLOPS with Roasted Caulfilower and Salbitxada which came seared perfectly and was a divine combo. GRILLED OCOTPUS with Potato-Caper Salad, Pimenton, Garbanzo & Red Pepper Puree treats this fish fine as well. Crispy BRUSSELS SPROUTS come caramelizes with Onions, Pine Nuts & Currants and makes a perfect veggie tapas-side dish. FOIE GRAS SCRAMBLED EGGS with Black Truffle Butter sound better than they are and are way to pricey. It is a large portion, but the foie gras and truffles don't really shine on this "bruschetta" style dish or Montadito. We should have skipped the superb, but way too rich (and we were getting full) though yummy Crispy VEAL SWEETBREADS with Filet(String) Beans, Bacon & Asian Greens. Will ordered a MANCHEGO CHEESECAKE to go with Quince Pistachio and it reminded of a Creme Brulee Cheesecake..... All said--we did have a god time and as we left, the place was full and the line was forming. Perfect meal, perfect timing.