Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brunch at HANK's OYSTER BAR isn't bad

We headed to HANK's OYSTER Bar at 17th & P Streets, NW and took a nice table outside so Sam could enjoy the passing dogs (and people) as we brunched and munched the GOLDFISH that come to every table as you sit down. His FISH & CHIPS were decent, but not a touch on the ones we had just had in the UK...although the very puffy crunchy batter was a bit different from the usual. The accompanying remoulade was a bit spicy and nice, but Samuel would have none of it, insisting on ketchup!

Rick enjoyed his CRAB CAKE & EGGS BENEDICT which was cooked to perfection (so many poached eggs are wrecked these days!). My FRIED OYSTER PO' BOY was very good with a lot of nice crunchy on the outside fried oysters, but the accompanying COLE SLAW was wimpy and needed crunch and punch; perhaps it was made the day before because it sure tasted like it did. A glass of superb no oak CHARDONNAY from FRAGOU 2006 in Greece was a great pairing.

As always, the chunks of semi-sweet chocolate come after the meal and can make up a whole dessert, which we did.

My big complaint, however, is that Chef Jamie Leeds, who is the owner and executive chef and has a child Samuel's age does not have a children's menu. MANY of the items on the menu are great for kids, but the portions are too large. At over $10-13 for the FISH & CHIPS at brunch, which Samuel only ate about 1/3-1/2 of, I would LOVE to see some $5-7 options with 1/2 portions. Perhaps this is a secretive attempt to keep children away, which would be an awful shame!