Monday, August 18, 2008

DC COAST does it again with charisma

After a successful restaurant week in my book, I decided to return to DC COAST as I noticed that this week is WINE WEEK there. This means that there are eight wines by the bottle for $20.08 at lunch and $35.08 at dinner.

I settled in and ordered a yummy rich bottle of RIDGE "Three Valleys" ZINFANDEL 2006 from Sonoma that has a luscious blend of 80% zin, 10% Petit Sirah, 5% Grenache and 5% Carignane. A perfect wine alone or with most any food that is not too light or delicate.

My super bubbly and wonderful server Sarah came over to take my order and I already knew what I wanted as I had my mind set. She did bring a magnificent treat out that is not on the menu and the chef was experimenting with. Incidentally, the sous chef (I believe his name is Matt) just took over this week as Executive Chef until BRENDAN COX (of Circle Bistro) moves in as the new Exec in September! Anyway, Matt(?) handled the kitchen, the food and even my wonderful treat all with brilliance. It was a PAN SEARED DIVER SCALLOP and FOIE GRAS Sandwich. A piece of toasted BRIOCHE had twice thick slices of huge scallop disks on it with a small wedge of Foie Gras in between them (about 2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide) cooked to firmness and making this a
true "sandwich." A sauce on the side was a sublime TRUFFLE HONEYSUCKLE Honey served in a small pitcher with a wooden honey spoon to ladle over the sandwich. Need I say more?

At this point, as I was sitting upstairs on the mezzanine (it was my first time there), I started getting the giggles, thinking of how funny it would be to throw small pieces of bread out the cracks in the glass wall on the diners below. I didn't.

My appetizer was the huge portion of CAST IRON CROCK STEAMED BLUE HILL BAY MUSSELS in a rich and filling sauce of Sauvignon Blanc and Oven Cured Tomatoes. To top this off the dish comes with two 3-4 inch long miniature GRILLED CHEESE on BRIOCHE Sandwiches that taste amazing when dipped in the sauce. I was so full, I had to rest at least 30 minutes before my entree of CHINESE STYLE SMOKED LOBSTER with crunchy STRIFRY VEGETABLES and Crispy Fried Spinach. While waiting, I saw half of a CRAB TOWER go by--the diner had eaten the crabcake and left the softshell--I was MORTIFIED! My buttery and lightly spiced crustacean was a dream and will go down as one of the signature dishes of DC for a long time!

I was so full, I could not even think of dessert and packed off my little cookies to take home for Samuel (although I did eat the Blueberry Madeleine that was superb!).