Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walter the WHITE HOUSE CHEF (a new book)

Just about 8 weeks ago CHEF WALTER SCHEIB's new book "WHITE HOUSE CHEF" was published and has been widely and warmly received by the book community as well as the food community. I had the opportunity to finish the book on my recent trans-continental flights and thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes from hilarious to honestly tearful.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Walter about a year and a half ago at an event where he recreated a White House menu and both his cooking and repartee were most enjoyable. Subsequently, I have enjoyed his re-enactment of the Iron Chef Competition which he won (the book ends before this event) as well as having him join the team of superstar DC chefs who cooked for my 50th birthday benefit last year.

I looked forward to this book having heard Walter speak and converse about his 11 years in the White House under Presidents Clinton & Bush and enjoyed much of what he had to say. This is not a tell-all book (which my memoirs will HAVE to be!), but an ejoyable story about his life in the White House and how he dealt with the day to day experiences and people he worked with. The book offers many recipes as well, although you all know I prefer to eat out!

Finally, it offers a different perspective of Washington that is completely non-political yet also giving us a feeling of what DOES go on with politics in the White House. 1194 to 2005 were important years, and Chef Walter writes about the highlights (New Year's Eve 2000) as well as the most arduous times (9-11) in a way that everyone can relate.

Congratulations to Walter on such a beautifully written book, and many thanks for his being the "top" chef in the country as well as to many wonderful events here in town!