Friday, February 16, 2007

say YES to YORK STREET Restaurant in Dallas

I'm here in Dallas for a quick visit (off to LA today) and after some in-depth research I chose the intimate 13 table YORK STREET Restaurant (actually located at 6047 Lewis Street) about 5 minutes from downtown. This is not an easy place to find and my guests got lost thrice! The sign is etched on the smoked glass window and is quite small, and the dining room itself is just larger than our living room at home! But once there, we settled in for a fine meal which starts with a warm wet towel to clean your hands followed by a bowl of olives and one of walnuts and a small glass of dry sherry for each person. This was very nice and welcoming touch from the extremely friendly staff.

I chose a LYNMAR 2004 PINOT NOIR from Russian River that was full bodied and nice, although perhaps just several degrees too cold from the cellar, especially since the out door Texas temps were in the 20's and record lows were expected.

I started with the SOFT SCRAMBLED DUCK which was toast points with scrambled duck eggs, serrano ham cracklin's and goat butter--it was spectacular. The soft eggs had about six 2 inch squares of the crunchy ham which was a great touch, and a true southern feel. The MOSCATO BRAISED VEAL CHEECKS with WILD MUSHROOM ORZO & Marrow Jus were tender and tasty and filled my cold body up just right. Here, the accent is on the food and not so much on presentation, which is even truer with the desserts. They are simple and very tasty, mine being a LEMON PUDDING CAKE with LEMON GLAZE, which was not that cakey actually. My guests raved about the fresh Rhode Island oysters and the superb snapper as we moved on to a wonderful BIG bodied ANDREW WILL CHAPOUX VINEYARD 2003 from Columbia Valley Washington which is a blend of Cab, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot...superb! It kept us warm into the bitter cold night! The only complaint is that the small venue is indeed so small they don't have an espresso machine and therefore don't offer cappuccino or espresso.

I also love the way that other quests who order wine by the glass actually have the bottle shown to them before the pour is made at the table. The prices are quite reasonable and this is a find in Dallas, but always reserve as it is SO SMALL!