Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sam's spring rolls at SALA THAI

For the second year in a row before the Gay Pride Parade here in DC, we opted to take Samuel to SALA THAI at 2016 P Street which was an excellent choice. While he did not care for his "pasta" dish of PAD THAI made with shrimp that was simply loaded with noodles, peanuts, whole shrimp and more, he did wolf down an entire order and more of SPRING ROLLS, crisy and full of veggies--alas minus the dipping sauce, which we loved, but he called yukky.

The CHICKEN SATAY was moist and tasty with one of the best PEANUT SAUCES around. I also like the way the small lettuce and carrot salad on the side comes with fish sauce which I use as "vinaigrette."

We had a bottle of PENEDES 1+1=3 ROSE 2004 which is always a great summer wine and wonderful with spicy foods. We needed it with our entree of SALA THAI DUCK served with rice, spring vegetables and a super spicy thick sauce with coconut. The duck was crispy on the skin and very tender, but did have a bit too much fat for my liking. Other than that, it's a sure winner for "spicy" lovers.

Sam enjoyed is "lemonade" served as a frozen frostee-like drink, and we all hobbled out to the parade having eaten way too much.

This week is a quiet dining week, so forgive the break, as we recover from the Carolina vacation.