Tuesday, June 06, 2006

doing good at DAVID GREGGORY --WHY I began Phyllis

As I write this review, I note that Tuesday was in deed the 6-6-6 date..OOPS. We had a fine day, and a superb dinner; so much for superstition!

Chef GREGGORY HILL has been keeping busy this spring, as we entered DAVID GREGGORY on Tuesday around 815pm and the place was jammed at the bar as well as with diners on the outside patio on 21st Street. The 2030 M location (www.davidgreggory.com) offers many options from the quieter rear rooms to the bar and busier front sections, as well as the outside, so indeed, there are really several different feelings.

We ordered a bottle of delicious CROZES HERMITAGE BLANC (Marsanne/Rousanne) 2004 from ALAIN GRAILLOT that was just perfect with our starters:

FRIED CALAMARI with Harissa Aioli, Lemon-Lime Aioli and Chipotle Cocktail sauce, which made me think that David Greggory is really all about options; one dish, several sauces give you a variety of tastes. We preferred the slightly spicy Harissa, but all the sauces were indeed great. It also reminded me of how this list really got started. Many years ago, just before Phyllis Richman's retirement, I read a review in the Washington Post that she wrote of GABRIEL (which was where Chef Greggory Hill was for so many memorable years) where she berated his overuse and multiple use of sauces in one dish. Silly Phyllis, sauces are fun, and make life exciting. You can always choose just one and be boring, but I like different tastes with each dish as well! So I began the PHYLLIS-teens and now you are all still here with me! Oh, I digress....

Will opted for the SMOKED CHICKEN EMPANADAS with Salsa Mexicana, Guacamole & Crema (again, fun with dips on these tasty morcels), while I had the new item on the menu that was a magnificent treat and wonderful idea:

LOBSTER CORN DOG is a true corn dog on a stick. Huge and full of moist chunks of lobster it's served with Chesapeake Fries and a Tarragon Aioli. You can use the aioli for the fries, but it is really best like a tartar sauce on the corn dog! This item is over $15, but worth every bite and extremely filling.

For that reason, I ordered only a 1/2 entree. Another thing I adore about David Greggory is the options for dining with so many tapas-like dishes, appetizers, and full or half entrees one can mix and match to satisfy one's appetite.

The 1/2 order of SEARED JUMBO LUMP CRABCAKE with Red Bell Pepper Relish, Asparagus and Mayonnaise Shallot Puree was, as always, one of the best crabcakes in town. What a relief to come home to a good tasty moist and meaty crabcake after those awful ones in South Carolina (it's odd that the Low Country folk know how to use crab on their entrees and cocktails, but not as a crabcake!).

Will had the FISH & CHIPS, also new on the menu and made from Tempura Fried Halibut Filet with Chips and Creamy Slaw. You will remember, that he hails from Yorkshire, the source of some of the best fish & chips in the world, and he agreed that Chef Greggory's preparation was tasty, moist, falkyu and quite delicious; a rare praise from this Brit on this dish.

The TRES LECHES Cake is always a tasty treat, but I kept to just two bites after too much food on vacation in South Carolina.

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