Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Barcelona's Bohemic is now the glorious SANT ANTONI GLORIOS (7-4-17)

We were just in Barcelona on the cruise ship for the day, but it was mandatory to grab lunch (albeit for almost 2 hours) at our favorite place in virtually all of Europe, When we last visited this city,Chef Francesc held rule over the tiny Bohemic, which has recently changed to the bistro-like Sant Antoni Glorios at the same address (Carrer Manso, 42 which has a simple menu, but some of the best food you will eat anywhere.
After a warm reunion, I settled in with a glass of refreshing Cava Reserva Brut from Ferret Guasch while Will enjoyed an Alhambra beer. The famous Papas Bravas arrived and Sam's eyes burst out of his head as he fought his father (see FB video) for the superbly fried potatoes now served with a spicy BBQ like sauce and a mayo aioli like cream; nobody can make fries like these.
Next came the typical Catalan tomato bread, followed by Mackerel with Yuzu and yogurt which is basically sashimi gone Catalan Crazy. No wonder, the chef's nickname is Crazy Mandu!
I switched to an amazing white blend courtesy of "sommelier" Davide from France which was a blend of Godello, Albarino and I think Heredura(?) called Ribeiro from Ramondo Casar in Galicia that had amazing minerality and unreal flavors that was perfect with the fish. Next came Samfaina Omelet vegetables which Samuel wants me to make every day; good luck with that. Grandfather's Fried Egg is slow cooked first then quick fried and served with small side sauces of fermented onions  and sabrasosa (a cured pork cooked into a ragu). It was like a poached egg but firmer then dropped into a sea of sweet potato puree (see FB foto). Gambas came in the sauce of its own head, and by now I had switched to a superb Garnacha Sindicat La Figuera from Montsant. More shrimp (gambas) arrived with chickpeas in a divine sauce and the  final dish was a revelation, Albondigas Ibericas which are meatballs made from the famous Iberico pork and served super rare in an amazing sauce of aji/yuzu mayo and ciboulette onions with pork cracklings. I could have eaten a dozen if I was not full.
Of course there was time for dessert and espresso and we all split one of the most glorious desserts ever: Borracho Glorioso or Glorious Drunk Rum Cake that was like a baba au rhum gone crazy Catalan.

The space is small and the hours are short, so plan your trip here with care and leave plenty of time to savor each bite. Soon, Chef Francesc will open up a secret back room for small tastings of fish, meat or chef's choice around 14 courses, but you have to have a connection to book this truly exclusive experience. We will return there for sure as this is indeed our favorite place in all Europe.