Saturday, October 01, 2016

be sure to catch CATCH in Playa del Carmen, MX (9-29-16)

Catch is a branch of the famous New York restaurant and now there are three or four around the world but here it is a twist on local Mexican cuisine. I started with a Seedless Suzy which is Absolut Elyx vodka with lime basil and watermelon.. so refreshing in the heat especially since we were eating outside with a gorgeous view of the twinkling ,lights of town and indeed all the way across the gulf to Cozumel. What was nice about this place is that by the time we sat down the sun had set and a very very strong breeze was keeping us nice and cool. Our amazing waitress Sandra who had virtually no accent and explained that she was from San Luis Potosi, which I could not ,insisted that we try all her favorite dishes so we did. First to arrive were the MRC roll which stands for Manhattan Refrigeration Center which is where Catch is located in New York; this role came with shrimp tuna and a ponzu brown butter crunch which blew us away. Of course gorgeous pictures can be seen on Facebook. Paired with this was another starter of Sashimi tuna, Hamachi, ponzu, American caviar and truffle soy sauce. Eat Your Heart Out Japanese sashimi.
We moved on to a wonderful local white wine called Rancho Mogorcito which was from the Guadalupe Valley and was a blend of sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay 2015 and was superb with all of the dishes we had this evening. Next came Wagyu short rib tacos in the most gorgeously crispy corn tortillas which stayed crispy for quite a while. They were served with guacamole mango and Serrano and a huitlacoche aioli. By the way the water was Mexican sparkling called Hethe which is superb.
Paired with this was a sea bass lettuce wrap with bourbon miso sauce shitake mushrooms and that wonderful crispy kataifi, which we had so.often in Israel, which was on top to give extra crunch.
Next served was a very rich mushroom spaghetti with truffle cream sugar snap peas a bit of tomato and Parmesan which we could not finish as we were nearing our limits.
Our final course was a beautiful vegetable dish of grilled cauliflower with capers which was paired with a tropical red snapper topped with roasted turnips Chaya squash yuca wasabi cream and more as well as the kataifi  on top. 
Unfortunately Sandra insisted that we have the parmesan truffle fries which were very very truffly and I ate about 4 or 5 and we left the rest because we were just so stuffed and had to head home very full after an amazingly fabulous dinner with wonderful company a great View and a super server.