Tuesday, July 05, 2016

a holiday weekend workout/cookout...or what does one do when two superstar chefs come over to cook-Haidar Karoum & Victor Albisu are all about this(7-3-16)

As part of last year's March of Dimes Signature Chefs we purchased both of these chefs cooking at our home for a magnificent meal, which was truly perfect in every way.
While Chef Haidar has been at Proof, Doi-Moi & Estadio here in Washington and was the winner of 2014's CHEF of the YEAR at the Rammys Awards, he recently left and will appear elsewhere in the near future. Chef Victor followed soon in his steps to win Chef of the Year in 2015 for Del Campo & Taco Bamba; so not a bad couple to have over for dinner!
I did not take notes and there was much more than I can recall, but we shared the wine responsibilities and started with an ELK COVE 1999 Sparkling Rose of Pinot Noir from Oregon and then the hor's d'oevres began to flow with scallops, lamb empanadas and Crab Cakes. We moved on to a Brandborg Gewurtztraminer also from Oregon and the Burnt Tomato Panzanella arrived with a Goat Cheese Crema and a wonderful hint of Anchovy flavor for saltiness.
We pulled one of our chardonnays from California for the Ceviche Mixto of Halilbut, Octopus, Leche de Tigre and Fresnos Chilies which was sublime for sure. A delicious Vovray was paired with the orgasmic Smoked Uni Pasta with Crab, caviar & Chives; truly one of our favorites all night, but then they all were.
We pulled one of our 2003 Sauternes from the Bar Mitzvah stash to pair with another brilliant dish of Whole Roasted Foie Gras with Burnt Cherries & Malbec, and then took a long declared respite before the main course of Grilled Asado arrived:
Brisket, Ribeye, Wagyu Skirt Steak and Bone Marrow stuffed with Lobster were all on the various platters (photos on FB) and this was served with a superb huge bodied red Tempranillo from Walla Walla Washington (sorry, the name slips my mind).
Dessert was a delicious Crepe Souffle stuffed with cheese and topped with grilled Pineapple, and we managed to find more Sauternes for that as well.
Needless to say the 4+ hour event was magnificent and we are so grateful for these two brilliant and kind chefs who donated their time (and money and staff) to raise needed dollars to help save the babies that March of Dimes so wonderfully assists.
Come to this year's gala on November 2 (single tickets are available through me as they are not being sold to the public, only full tables are!!) and watch us bid again!!