Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If near Cooperstown, NY look at The LAKE HOUSE in Richfield Springs (7-19-15)

Last night we had a wonderful dinner party for a large group of the Glimmerglass artists at a beautiful spot on a lake called THE LAKE HOUSE just 15 minutes from the Glimmerglass Opera House. On arrival we ordered a Vivi Falanghina and our server Christina knew we would need more and chilled many extra bottles (I think we had 3 or 4). We also ordered a NY State Finger Lakes Pinot Noir from Heron Hill which was also very good and I enjoyed the spice and fruit later with my steak.
We ordered lots of different dishes from the huge menu and most were quite good. The Shrimp Cocktail was a dud, as was the Sea Bass. The one appetizer than many folks ordered was the Duck Potstickers with Sweet Corn & Bacon and a Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce. These were more like empanadas and the filling was laced with cream cheese, hence they were slightly sweetish and a bit off-setting. Samuel was very disappointed with his and overall it was the only real repeated complaint we had. I had the tasty Cornmeal Crusted Frogs Legs with Creole Sauce. Steamed Clams went well and one dish that was a bit odd was the Cooked Lake House Greens as it wasn't advertised as cooked. The Grilled Shrimp Diabolo Shooters weren't that spicy, but they got a nod.
Main courses fared much better and they come with soup (choice of seafood chowder or French onion) or salad (tons of dressing choices).
NY Strips got raves and my Blue Cheese Crusted Bone-in Sirloin with Garlic Mash & Veggies was a superb steak. I asked for rare to medium rare, and they said it would come rare, but it was medium rare. The Grilled Swordfish with Wild Rice & Salsa and the rare Tuna Steaks were the fish to choose and Samuel loved his Chicken Marsala with Linguine Pasta, Mushrooms & Onion, although he said the pasta sauce seemed slightly citrusy.
We tried two Brownie Sundaes for dessert and the brownie I tasted was super intense sweet and just too much for me; but then some folks like that.
Overall, the company, wine and decent food made it a nice evening, especially as the sun set over the beautiful lake next to us....