Saturday, January 03, 2015

Thai treats at the relaxing RIMTANG@CHALONG - creative cuisine with power in Phuket, Thailand (12-25-14)

On our days in Malaysia on the cruise we had awesome local food such as LAKSA NONYA which was even spicier than that in we had an amazing PENANG CURRY on that island that will remain memorable for its stingray, squid and spice.

On our day in Phuket, Thailand's famous sea resort, we made it clear to our guide that we wanted local authentic and yes, spicy, cusine. She chose well with the RIMTANG@CHALONG, Lakeside Wine Bar & Restaurant just a block from the Wat Chalong, the most revered and famous Buddhist temple on the island.
The setting is serene, on a small pond and the decor very elegant with teak tables on the terrace with lots of sections so you fell as if you are almost alone. Even the bathrooms were clean, spotless and air conditioned.
Samuel has decided that spicy is not his thing, and chose the Spring Rolls as well as a Noodle Soup with Pork. He would not touch the spring rolls as even though vegetarian, he declared them too fishy. This is his new ploy to avoid dishes; insisting they have shrimp!
We ordered up some yummy sweet Thai Iced Coffees, very refreshing with the spicy food and in the 84 degree heat. We decided to share several dishes and all were excellent:
TOM YAM KOONG was a very spicy shrimp soup with the chili-coconut broth loaded with ginger, lemongrass. In the heat it might seem odd, but it is really the best kind of food in this temperature.
SPICY SQUID SALAD was chilled and refreshing but again loaded with those tasty red Thai chilis.
FRIED RICE was excellent with loads of chunky crab meat. Who could ask for more?
Jo suggested the whole SEA BASS STEAMED IN SOY SAUCE with Ginger & Garlic which was the mildest of the dishes and we easily let her filet the yummy fleshy fish that was so fresh, it must have been caught that morning.
Easily my favorite dish was the CRISPY SOFT SHELL CRABS with Spicy Green Mango Salad. This dish was loaded with flavor and the large pieces of crab were almost as good as what we get back in DC each summer. The salad was again loaded with those tasty red chilis and we all marveled at while the spice was intense, it did not burn or last in your mouth at all.
Next stop--MYANMAR where we shall disembark the ship for 3 days and have no internet, so expect more on Burmese food closer to the end of the year!