Monday, June 17, 2013

Little RICKY's in DC's Brooklyn neighborhood is cute, Cuban and cool (6-15-13)

We were invited to join our dear friends (one of whom is Cuban) at
Little Ricky's the other night and boy did we have fun (http:// Located near Catholic University in the
Brooklyn neighborhood, this is an up and coming area that oozes cute
and neighborhood. Little Ricky's refers to Ricky Riccardo and has old
50's and 60's photos and some of the menu items refer to Lucy, Ricky,
Fred & Ethel, but that's about where it ends. It's an eclectic
combination of décor with modern art for sale as well in a simple room
with a staff made up of folks from everywhere. Our server, Adiil, from
Morocco, oozed charm as he called us darling, sweetheart and honey! As
I said, it was all fun.
We started with various drinks and I enjoyed a huge MOSCOW MULE made
with Ginger Beer, Vodka & Lime, all for $5.00. The drinks are
reasonably priced and the CUBA FRESCA- a red Sangria made with fresh
blue berries and raspberries comes by the glass or pitcher. Even the
wines here are good with a TINTONEGRO Malbec 2011 from Mendoza having
a huge smoky flavor that goes so well with the red meats.

We shared lots of starters from the huge CEVICHE de MARISCOS with
Plantain Chips. It is chock full of fish, mango and a slash of mayo
for sauce to the SPINACH EMPANADAS which come with two tasty salsas.
CROQUETAS de JAMON also come with the same sauces and are loaded with
rich béchamel in a fried shell, but don't taste of the ham too much.
SOUTH TO CUBA is probably the best deal and biggest hit with a stack
SAUCE; it's a great salad and appetizer combo. I loved the spear of
pickled carrots and peppers that come with some of the dishes as well.
All the main courses come with RICE & BEANS and Fresh Peas as well in
this season. We chose a number of different ones and Samuel was
thrilled with his very tasty HandMade 8 ounce Ground Chuck Burger
which comes with Corn Salsa and Seasoned Fries (instead of the rice &
beans). Will went for the CUBAN POLLO Enceballado, a fried battered
chicken breast. The GAMBAS al AJILLO are large Tiger Shrimp sautéed in
garlic & white wine, but the dish is very heavy on the butter side.
MASA de PUERCO FRITAS as slow roasted pork morsels flash-fried at the
end; be sure to temper these with a spray of fresh lime juice and
don't be afraid to ask for extra limes-they come with a big smile.
The ROPA VIEJO was nice, but a bit chewy for me, though the tomato,
garlic and wine sauce was superb. My PICADILLO was one of the best
with tender beef in and olive and wine sauce.
If you seek dessert and love TRES LECHES, try it here, but I had only
one bite as I was way past full and my diet had been wrecked beyond
recognition. OOPS!
For sure, Little Ricky's deserves more visits, even if just for a
quickie burger!