Friday, February 08, 2013

District Commons Restaurant Week is wonderful(2-7-13)

Restaurant week continued for us in DC as we took a friend to a birthday dinner at District Commons ( which was heaving when we arrived at 6:30pm. This can be a problem during Restaurant Week, but the service never failed and our server Eric, as well and general manager, Boo, made sure al our needs were handled. It was a superb experience overall.
On a previous visit, Samuel had discovered the Pretzel Bread which is divine, especially when shmeared with the accompanying mustard butter!
We tasted the Ship of Fools 2011 Pinot Gris/Pinot Blanc and passed it up as slightly sweet and went for a wonderful Cardinal Point 2011 Viognier from Virginia for our appetizer fish courses:
the special for the day which needs to be added to the menu was the
SCALLOPS over Arugula & Pickled Red Onion with Crispy Bacon in Orange Butter--this dish had everything going for it, especially that caramelized sweetness on the scallops, and was quite large to boot.
SEAFOOD CHOWDER is always a hit here loaded with fish and shellfish and hot and creamy on a cold night.
2nd DATE CAESAR SALAD is one of the best in town with a lighter than usual dressing (I hate it when it's too thick and creamy) and a nice spattering of yummy white anchovies.

We moved on to a superb Darcie Kent Petite Sirah 2008 Madden Ranch which goes well with lots of varied dishes (it's available by the glass) and it was indeed just right with even the
Grilled SALMON, Parsnip Puree (rich and intense), Roasted Honey Mushrooms and Warm Truffle Vinaigrette.
The District Common BURGER is made with Braised Pineland Farms Shortribs for super flavor and has a sweet & spicy slaw with AP sauce and a side of yummy fries with lemon-garlic aioli.
I had to return to the Roasted DUCK Low & Slow with Wild Rice & Sweet Potato Hash, Sorghum Chili and Samuel was entranced with his
PORK RACK CHOP Blue Ribbon stuffed with Benton Ham & Mozzarella. He chose to have fries with his instead of the regular sides. We were okay with that.
The $35.13 dinner includes dessert and we were way past full but dove into the CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE which came with salted caramel sauce and Chocolate Ice Cream that was an intense and rich homemade variety.
Boston Cream Pie is deconstructed here and also a nice choice.
Before we left the macaroons, cranberry pear pecan treats, berry gelees, wonder bars and vanilla bean shortbreads appeared. I had one wonder bar and we packed the rest up "for later......"
What a wonderful meal.