Sunday, June 17, 2012

EAT BAR for a nosh or more in Arlington (Happy Father's Day! 6-17-12)

Well folks,

We've started to emerge from diet hibernation. We have lost a combined total of nearly 35 pounds and are still going, if slowly, so a treat is in order for Father's Day.

We were in Arlington after Samuel's ballet recital and chose EAT BAR ( we knew had yummy burgers for him and lots of choices for us from the large small plates menu.

Samuel headed right for the HAMBURGER with FRENCH FRIES and a Shirley Temple. Eat Bar's small plate burger at $9.00 is a steal. It's superb meat and seasoned so well, none of us (yes we took a bite) wanted ketchup!

The fries were hot and tasty.

Will & I started by splitting a STEAK TARTARE made with Pastrami Spices, & Egg and served with crispy thin slices of toasted pumpernickel. I've head this before, and still love it.

A glass of BONARDA MALBEC Alma Negra 2009 for will from Mendoza, Argentina was spicy and full bodied, while my RED BLEND from Thurston Wolfe of Washington's Columbia Valley 2009 was smoother yet intense due to a blend of 36%Primitivo,36% Lemberger and 28% Petite Sirah.

Next we ordered (to split) the SPICED LAMB BURGER made of pork and lamb with a curry-whipped feta, tzatziki and pickled onions on the side. I shmeared my onion on the very spicy burger and while I really couldn't taste the feta (due to the spice), it was a divine assemblage cooked to a medium-rare perfection.

Our two sides we ordered were the excellent and simple GRILLED RAPNINI with balsamic & crispy garlic, but alas they were out of the Roasted Beets with Ricotta, Cumin and Citrus vinaigrette. Our delightful server apologized and said we could have any side on the house and recommended the WHITE BEANS with Parmesan and Bacons Bits--she was spot on, but we both felt the fat settle in as we wobbled out the door and hoped that eating early meant our metabolism would get its job done before bed.

Off to the MUSIC MAN at Arena Stage with Sam! A delightful Father's Day and super eats at EAT BAR!