Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EL PIRATA es el mejor ceviche del mundo(3-24-12)Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We stopped in town today for ceviche on the recommendation of the
hostess at one of the restaurants here at the hotel in he Rivera Maya
in Mexico and found a gold mine.
EL PIRATA is a dump of sorts with cute colorful wall murals, blue
plastic tablecloths, a men's room with no toilet seat but the best
ceviche on earth. Perhaps the other dishes we saw such as the fish
tacos and whole crispy fish were also as good, but we oly snacked on
he CEVICHE MIXTO of octopus, fish, shrimp, conch, tomato onion, lime
and cilantro that was mixed to perfection and served with tasty nacho
chips made fresh.
The guacamole was nice, but we added hot suace for a bit of flavor.
Stick to any fish dish here and you have to be happy.
EL PIRATA is located on Calle 40 Norte on the block between Avenida 5
and Avenida 10 (yes the streets are numbered by 5's) and is teeny but
not hard to find if you can count the streets just a mile or so north
of the center of Playa del Carmen.