Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LOS CUATES cucina con mucho -Georgetown, DC (2-20-12)

The other night we were headed out to dinner and friends (yes, you know who) and oddly ended up dining at LOS CUATES in Georgetown ( on Wisconsin Ave at Q Street. We had been once before and it was fine and deserted. Not so the other night, with one huge group of about 20 on the other side of the room and almost every table full (on a Monday at 6pm!).
We ordered up Samuel's Shirley Temple and our pitcher of Margaritas. There is a bit too much ice in the pitcher, but it lasted for the whole meal giving us multiple refills.
Now I know that Mexican restaurants always serve a ton of food, so I warned Will, but he was feeling GUACAMOLE and I gave in. It's a creamy yummy style with some chunks and the most tasty puffy fried pillow-like chips ever. Samuel started (and ended) with the Chicken QUESADILLA appetizer which came with 6 -1/2 round portions, enough to feed a family for starters; we ended up taking half of it home. They come with pico de gallo, sour cream and guac as well!
Will's main course was the SEAFOOD BURRITO, and enormous portion of shrimp and scallop filling with Veracruz sauce that was super tasty. My POLLO VERDE was a HUGE hit. A huge breast flattened and grilled and topped with an amazing pico de CILANTRO sauce as well as several grilled shrimp. Beans and Rice on the side were just as yummy. The portion was SO HUGE, I took half home as well!
Needless to say there was no room for dessert as we rolled home.
It's one of Georgetown's bargain secrets with great food as well!