Monday, January 26, 2009

Bodegas BOHIGAS in Catalunya can cook (a private wine dinner in the winery)

I am sorry for the break in reports, but I had a serious bout of food poisoning (simply said, avoid eating at all Barcelona or nearby locations -I was in Sitges-of DA GRECO!).

I am now attending a 4+ day food and wine conference in Spain to promote food and wine travel her and it is FASCINATING. I have learned so much and can truly plan magnificent itineraries for anybody interested. Commericial over.

Last night we had a wine dinner at the 800+ year old BOHIGAS winery that has been in the same family since 1299!! WOW! It's a beautiful spot in the country with an ancient home, chapel and cava (the wine caves where they make the cava wine). We ate in the new area that the winery had built to promote its food and wine tourism program.

The chef carefully chose dishes from all over Spain to pair with their wines:

DUCK LIVER TERRINE with Sea Salt, APRICOT Sauce & Mousse and Field Greens with BOHIGAS ROSE CAVA. The pate was yum, the apricot a bit sweet for me, but then with my tummy, I only had a bite.

ANGLER FISH CARPCACCIO with Catalan Vinaigrette (with nuts and pine nuts and raspberries) with BOHIGAS CHARDONNAY was for me the winning dish and wine of the night...the fish was amazing as well.

LOIN OF COD PIL PIL is a northern dish that the chef tweaked to serve lukewarm in a creamy oil sauce with asparagus and cauliflower. It was nice, but everyone kept saying "pilpil" meant spicy, and this dish was about as mild as a baby lamb. It was served with an amazing white that everyone loved (some a bit more than me, were truly ecstatic) called BLANC DE TRES made from Xarello, White Granacha and Chenin Blanc, a great use of the local greats in a blend.

The main course was IBERIAN PORK CHEECKS with PASTOR MIGAS (bread crumbs) and Port Sauce. It was a nice dish, but I could not help feel that these cheeks were much drier than the moister creamier veal ones we are so used to. The wine was an ok SYRAH.

As I was still recovering tummy-wise I abstained from the dessert which everyone raved about: LEMON SABEE from Sevilla. A tart filled with a layer of chocolate, custard then covered with fruit: kiwi, raspberry, blueberry, currant, strawberry and pineapple...

All in all an excellent conception and some amazing food and nice wines, sadly only available by group booking to the winery at this time.