Tuesday, July 31, 2007

munching in MONACO--cuisine at CASTELROC

On our day ashore in Monaco earlier this week we were so lucky to be able to plan to meet my dear client and friend, mezzo-soprano Jennifer Larmore and her darling sisters (they are ALL THREE darling!) Kathy & Wendy. While touring the town, we ended up at the Place du Palais in front of the Prince's Palace right after the 11:55AM changing of the guard. The top recommended place around fro dining is CASTELROC which turned out to be a real treat, and 1/2 the price of the previous day's awful lunch at La Posta Vecchia and this was for SIX people instead of FOUR! Indeed Sam's STEACK HACHE (hamburger) and FRITES (Fries) was a superb burger seasoned and cooked to perfection and included an ice cream for an amazing 11 Euros (quite a deal compared to several pieces of bland pasta the day before for 50% more!).

The location is right on the square facing the palace and the sea with breezes flowing and a wonderful terrace setting that was still classy with linens and crystal (I loved the odd oblong water glasses!). We all chose local plates of small Monagesque (not, Monacan, please) specialties. Mine included a selection of them all featuring a Spinach quiche with flaky amazing pastry various "petits farcis" or onion, zucchini and tomato with stuffing and the truly native BARBAGUIANS a beignut pastry like bowtie filled with spinach. The plate was completed by another tasty local dish of farina or cous-cous mashed into a thick French fry like oblong. A delicious Rose and the best butter and fleur de sel (salt) for the bread filled us up. Even the coffee (cafe au lait) was superb and came with a plate of fabulous chocolate mini-souffle like muffins and mini-palmiers (flaky Elephant ears).

Yesterday's pizza in Pisa was good but uneventful and tomorrow we will hopefully have a tapas report from Barcelona!

ALAN at sea somewhere south of the French Riviera.