Sunday, June 03, 2007

RISCKY's for BARBECUE is better in Ft Worth

On Sunday we took Samuel to see the uneventful longhorn cattle "run" where they walk nonchalantly down the sleepy Sunday street of the Ft Worth Cattle Stockyards. Seeing all that beef made us hungry, so we took several folk's suggestions and popped into the very casual RISCKY's at 140 E. Exchange St. for a BBQ BRISKET SANDWICH. Sam was pretty happy with his chicken fingers and fries which I thought were sublime, but the SLICED BRISKET BBQ SANDWICH was a true treat. I can't wait to return for the $9.95 all you can eat ribs special next time in town!

Of course, I'll have to diet for a week before I can take these monster size portions ag'in.